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Oklahoma paternity cases establish who a child’s legal father is. Either the mother or father can go to their local child support office and open a case to determine the parentage of a child. There is no cost associated with opening a case until a father has tested positive for parentage. If this happens, then the father is required to pay the state back for the cost of testing.

Under Oklahoma law, the mother is presumed to have sole custody of a child born outside of marriage. The mother and father can agree on visitation rights, and, if this is not possible, the father has the right to go to court to seek these rights.

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How Do You Establish Paternity in Oklahoma?

You can establish paternity in Oklahoma by signing an Acknowledgement of Paternity or opening a child support case. An Acknowledgement of Paternity is a legal document signed voluntarily by both parents that establishes paternity under Oklahoma law.

Benefits of Establishing Paternity 

Some of the reasons why you might want to establish paternity for your child include:

  • The child will understand their family, medical, and social history
  • The child will have access to health insurance coverage, Social Security benefits, and, if applicable, military benefits from each parent
  • The child can inherit property and assets from each parent
  • Emotional benefits and support from knowing both parents

What Rights Does a Father Have in Oklahoma?

In Oklahoma, a father only has rights if paternity has been established. The rights of a father with paternity might include:

  • Access to his children (custody and visitation)
  • Legal establishment of parental rights and responsibilities
  • Companionship and emotional rewards
  • The ability to give the child his last name
  • The opportunity to add the child to his insurance plan
  • The assurance that Social Security and additional benefits would be paid to the child in the event of death or disability

When Can Paternity Be Established?

Paternity can be established from the time the child is born until his/her 18th birthday by completing the Acknowledgement of Paternity form. After the child turns 18, the child’s consent is needed to add the father’s name to his/her birth certificate and the Adult Child’s Consent Acknowledgement must be completed as well. A child can also petition the court for paternity established at any time if the child does not have a presumed legal father.

Understanding the Importance of Establishing Paternity

Establishing paternity is an important legal step that can have a significant impact on the lives of both the child and the father. By establishing paternity, a father can gain legal rights and responsibilities, including the right to visitation and custody, as well as the obligation to provide financial support.

Some reasons why establishing paternity is important include:

  • Ensuring the child's access to benefits such as inheritance, social security, and medical insurance
  • Providing the child with a sense of identity and connection to their family lineage
  • Allowing the father to build a meaningful relationship with their child
  • Protecting the child's legal rights and ensuring their emotional and financial support

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Oklahoma Paternity Laws FAQ

Why would you want to establish paternity?

Establishing paternity for your child can provide access to family, medical, and social history, health insurance coverage, Social Security benefits, and the ability to inherit property and assets from each parent, among other benefits.

What rights does a father have in Oklahoma?

In Oklahoma, a father only has rights if paternity has been established. These rights may include access to his children (custody and visitation), legal establishment of parental rights and responsibilities, companionship and emotional rewards, and the ability to give the child his last name, among others.

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